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Binary Options Signals Software

Binary Options Signals Software

Posted by on Jan 17, 2016 in Finance, Trading |


Binary option robot is a software that can be programmed to conduct trades automatically. It has a success rate of 80%. Its ease of use and the efficiency certainly makes it an attractive software to have for any trader. The basic version of this software is free while the VIP version comes equipped with many additional features which do not figure the basic version. The software’s algorithm is a sophisticated piece of technology and is very useful for making trades. The risk levels can also be decided using this software. The automated trading software usually needs the trader to be online and engaged in active trading.



 This software allows trading even if the trader is not online and actively trading. The options include the daily maximum number of trades one is ready to undertake, the amount of risk one is willing to take, the assets which one wants to trade and the maximum amount of loss daily which the trader can withstand. The software is simple to operate since it is completely automated. The trader just needs to put in the amount of money he or she is depositing in the account along with the amount of risk they are willing to take in the trade. The setting up of the account requires personal information and choosing the broker. The trader just needs to set up the account to commence trading. The sign up is free followed by joining a broker before depositing money to start trading.




The algorithm of this software compares the data from the previous years to predict the changes in the market. The amount of money to be deposited depends upon the broker which is chosen by the trader. There is no rule of a maximum amount which needs to be deposited before trading. The software is free but in case of the VIP version the user needs to deposit money within 48 hours of registration. This software has automatic stop loss feature which prevents loss of money during auto trading. Some software have this flaw wherein they cause loss of funds from the account when the trader is not sitting at the computer and is unaware of what is happening. Using this software the user can set the maximum amount of money which he/she is willing to risk during auto trading. The reverse trading mode of this software allows the trader to place trades contrary to what the signal is suggesting. It is very useful for investors who do not have the adequate amount of time to engage in trading. The Binary option robot automatically trades after the trading parameters have been put in, risk level has been set and the amount of money which the investor is willing to invest has been fed to the program. The software can place trades at the same time the trader is placing another trade. This ensures that the profitable trades are not missed. This program does help in making consistent profits and with its excellent features does make life easier for the investors.

Check this link for more info on Binary option Robot.

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Porter Finance Signals Types

Posted by on Nov 5, 2015 in Finance, News, Trading |

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Trading binary options has been recognized as an official method of trading for less than ten years. Despite of that, the number of people who choose this method of trade keeps on increasing, and the number of online brokers rises proportionally. The simplicity of this kind of trading is probably what makes most people drawn to it, even though there are many opponents of it who claim that it is not trading, but gambling. To be fair, if you trade without any knowledge, preparation and skill, it surely is more likely to resemble a lottery rather than business. On the other hand, for successful trading it is required to follow the trends on the market, read the news and draw conclusions on whether the prices will rise or fall, be constantly aware of the situation etc. Honestly speaking, those are not the skills needed for gambling, but they are more likely to be assigned to financial experts.

gamblersFor those who are not financial experts or have no wish to trade binary options on a level that high, binary options signals have been invented, and there are many traders who use them, whether they are beginners or traders on a more advanced level. Binary signals are based o market analysis, which is done by human experts or software with complex algorithms so that the trader does not have to do the analysis himself. Many of the Porter Finance signals are free, and they require the user to perform some additional analysis, some of them are available on the broker’s website upon creating an account and some can be obtained directly through binary signals providers by logging in with the account you have with your broker.

Porter-Finance-Home (1)One broker stands out with the number of signals it offers, both through its website and through third-party services. It is Porter Finance, an online broker founded in 2014 which has already collected a serious number of satisfied users. This broker operates on SpotOption platform, which is one of the most comprehensive, user-friendly and versatile platforms currently available. It is compatible with almost every binary signals provider, including Winning Binary Signals Autotrader Pro and Binary Options Robot, which have very few compatible platforms since their criteria are high. Porter Finance scam doesn’t exist, so you  can know that you are safe on this site.

Not only that you can get binary signals in the form of suggestion, but you can also choose one of binary options robots that will operate on your parameters and do the trading automatically. If you do not want to use third-party signals or automated trading, “Market Indicators” feature is available on the platform itself once you start trading, so you can also use this feature provided by Porter Finance itself. It is approximately 75% accurate, which is a fair percentage and above average when compared to other free signals. Also, depending on your account, you will receive daily or weekly market updates and market reviews from Porter Finance, which can also be used to predict the rises and falls of prices of the assets you trade.

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What Makes Stockpair So Unique And Special?

Posted by on Nov 5, 2015 in Finance, News, Trading |

businessman hand touch virtual graph,chart, diagram

There are lots of companies swimming around in the hazardous waters of stock markets and online trading, and they pray on poor little, ignorant customers waiting for them to invest their hard-earned money as they try to predict the accurate outcome of some of the constant fluctuations of prices on the global market. Yes, there are those types of broker houses out there, but there are also those that have a genuine care for their clients and offer much more than just a computer program to do your business with.

One of those “good guys” is a company called StockPair, a member of a group of pioneer broker houses that are present on the market for quite some time now, and they generally set the standards for all of the smaller companies. To be more precise, StockPair has been around since 2010 when it officially started offering trading services and from that moment it has enjoyed tremendous success and constant growth in number of clients and the overall rise in popularity. Due to its history and the impeccable reputation, this enterprise is rightly considered as one of the leaders in the market and the services that they provide are top shelf.

stockpair-homepage-600One of the main differences between StockPair and some of the other big-time names in the world of online broker trading (TropicalTrade for example) is the fact that this company is not limited solely to binary options, which is one of the most dominant methods of trading nowadays. On the contrary, StockPair offers another method, which is fresh and some even consider it revolutionary: pairing options. What this exactly means is that clients have the possibility of selecting two assets. i.e. a pair, and then predict which asset is going to perform better in a given period of time. The idea to “pair off” assets is already used by Forex, so customers who enjoyed success with that company will have no problem with making a transfer to this platform. Additionally, customers who are used to trading with binary options can still use them with StockPair, since it is very easy to select your preferred method of trading on the home screen, but you also have the possibility to try pairing options since this method which is provided by StockPair is highly simplified and very efficient. (And most experts agree that it is also more profitable than binary options, but that greatly depends on the style of the investor and lots of other factors).

As I mentioned above, StockPair offers some unique products, but they also provide classic, standard services and features, like binary options trading, which was also mentioned earlier in the text. No matter what type of trading potential clients will choose, they can be assured that they will be well taken care of and that this broker house will provide them with the ultimate trading experience. Safety and security are on the highest possible level, so clients from all over the world can invest in a protected environment, with no concerns over the money that they deposited. StockPair takes great care of any customer, and this in turn made them very popular, which is the clear indication that they are here to stay and only get better, if that is even possible.

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Binary Options Signals Explained

Posted by on Nov 5, 2015 in Finance, News, Trading |


Binary options signals have in recent years become an integral part of trading with binary options, mostly because this type of service is crucial when it comes to acquiring the proper information and then applying that knowledge to make a successful prediction. They serve millions of people all over the globe, and all of those people rely heavily on accurate binary options signals and this makes the importance and responsibility of this service even greater.

Not all traders who deal in binary options have the time or capabilities to analyze the giant amounts of data that circulate around in the global market, if anyone in the world can even do this on his own. This is the point where binary options signals step up – they are the ones who will do this job on behalf of the customer and inform him or her of the consecutive results in the form of a short message, which is known as a signal. They can be sent through SMS or e-mail, or any other communication system, but what they all have in common is their visionary nature and the fact that they suggest how and where a bid should be placed.

FinancialProviders of best binary option signals are companies that are created along side broker houses and some of them are partners or affiliate companies of some of the bigger names in the world of trading with binary options. “24Option”, “Banc de Binary”, “Porter Finance”, “StockPair” and many others are open to the idea of using signals and they offer that type of service through their websites. Signals are usually formed by a group of experts, mathematicians and other types of analysts and all of them are in charge of one thing – to carefully monitor the global market and determine some pattern in the constant fluctuations of the prices, and then try to predict what is the best possible way of investing funds. Basically they give out advice and share their knowledge, but they are paid for that so everything is fair game.

However, not everything about binary options signals is fair play at all times, since a lot of new websites are actually scams and frauds that are designed to extract the money from the less experienced traders. Companies who have this malicious type of behavior on their minds are always dangerous and authorities all over the world have created regulatory bodies that are on a mission to protect and secure the money of honest, hard-working traders.

Selecting a right binary options signals provider can be a tiresome process, but if this step is performed in an appropriate manner, than there is a good chance that your funds are going to double in no time. If the signals are good, and clients follow them, then everybody is happy, since providers also increase their numbers of success rate. This number is very important when looking for a good provider, with some additional elements being highly relevant as well: frequency, delivery methods, fees, asset types, and similar. Most providers also offer the service that they usually call auto-trading, and this basically represents a computer program that places the bids following the signals that come from the provider, which means that you can enjoy in a sunny day at the beach while the money is pouring into your electronic wallet.

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How Safe Is It To Trade With 24Option

Posted by on Nov 5, 2015 in Finance, News, Trading |


Trading with binary options demands certain amount of investment, and as well as with any other form or trading – people usually get careful and suspicious when it comes to their own hard-earned money. Of course, it is perfectly natural to be hesitant and the best cure for this can be to acquire as much information as possible about the website that is in question, when it comes to online trading specifically. Therefore, articles like this one can come in handy when short, precise info is required, and here are the most important things that everybody should know if they plan to trade with binary options through company called 24Option.

You have probably heard this name before, even if you never invested a penny in stocks or other types of trading, since 24Option presents one of the most popular names in this business. This company is the leading provider of binary options trading services, or at least one of the top three.

24option_2Its success started in 2010, when 24Option began operating as a broker house, and it was registered in Limassol, Cyprus. This precise fact about location is particularly interesting, since it provided 24Option with the best strategical position. The secret lies within the bureaucracy and paperwork, since companies that are registered in Cyprus have to be regulated by Cyprus Securities Exchange Commission (CySEC) and if this regulatory body gives them the license, then they are eligible to trade in the European Union as well (because CySEC license is recognized by European MiFID). It may sound complicated, but in reality it is not – if CySEC gives the green light then you passed the toughest test, since it is well known how hard and demanding is the EU legislation.

This fact is one of the strongest arguments in favor of safety and security of 24Option, since companies with that license are certainly not running any scam. It took three years for 24Option to acquire the permit from CySEC, and they completed the process in 2013, under the code number 207/13. Websites that are so interested in fulfilling all of the necessary criteria are definitely not just after some quick cash, and they are here to stay. This gives all potential customers a very strong guarantee about intentions of the company, and since business is regulated by such a renowned regulatory body – everybody can feel safe and protected.

Some other safety protocols are also installed in daily trading operations of 24Option, such as SSL encryption for protection of personal information, and there are also some security steps that have to be followed during the process of money withdrawal (ID document with a photo, and similar).

All of these steps and elements of the 24Option website are clear indications about the clean and fair nature of this company, and I didn’t even go into the impeccable relations that they have with their new clients and the superior customer service that is prepared to give advice and provide help on any matter at any given moment.

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Banc De Binary Account Managers

Posted by on Nov 4, 2015 in Finance, News, Trading |


Don’t trust account managers on binary options trading sites.

What an introduction to the article, don’t you think so? Well what I have written is what I think about account managers and many will agree with me. This article is a bit more focused, on one particular case with one particular account manager from Banc de Binary.

I don’t say that all account managers are, I will quote this “blood suckers”, but when you see that most complains about any binary options broker, including Banc de Binary, are about people that they call account managers then you get the picture.

Banc-de-Binary-2This story I am about to share with you is a story from one inexperienced trader who got pulled in trading ( I will explain that soon enough ) by one of the Banc de Binary account managers ( but he was called by few of them ). On order to avoid accusing Banc de Binary indirectly I will tell the story as this individual told it because his experience should be shared and more people should know about it. I will not name either of people involved in this.

The individual ( in this case we will call him A ) opened demo account on Banc de Binary. He was soon harassed by few account managers from Banc de Binary who asked him to put more money on his account. He refused few of them and then he was called by account manager ( person B in this story ) and was once again asked to fund his account with money. And once again A told him that he doesn’t have money for that, because he had other payments where his money had to go. Later B asked him to allow him to look into the account and check for how much money the account of A is eligible. A was shocked when he found multiple messages telling him that 6 000 dollars were deposited on his Banc de Binary account from his card. He attacked B asking why he did that, and how he could do that without his knowledge or authorization. On these accusations B told him that money he transferred is only to keep the account liquid, and that they can earn around 2 000 dollars per month with that money.

BDBMobile_320x250After that A decided to withdraw all the money from his account and went on through the withdrawal process. But here he was asked for documents he couldn’t acquire, documents that belonged to the company he worked for. During that time he was contacted by B once again.

A was attacked by B, who kept asking them why did he complain about money transfer and why didn’t he already give authorization for that cash.

To cut this story down, the process of withdrawal took over 3 months. During that time A figured that B had all the rights of money on his Banc de Binary. B started sending signals and A had no choice but to trade with them. He lost on all of those signals, and after that withdrawal process was cancelled because he was few dollars short on the money he wanted to withdraw.

I hope this will be useful you all of you who want to create your own Banc de Binary strategy.

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